Kokuyo Camlin, earlier known as Camlin is the pioneer and leading manufacturer of art materials and stationery products in India.

The company has always stood for promoting art and art practices in the Indian Schools through various activations spearheaded by The All India Camel Colour Contest that was started in the early seventies. The All India Camel Colour Contest (AICCC) has touched the lives of millions of creative & innovative Indians for the last 40 years.

In 2011, the contest had an unbelievable participation of 4.85 million participants from more than 6600 schools. And in 2012, the contest received a magical 5 million participants.

The activity has been designed to nurture the child's creativity & motivate them to think in an innovative manner. The contest is conducted with immense professionalism and has a fair and impartial judging process, bestowing the contest with unparalleled credibility. Students from pre-school to 10th standard are invited to participate in 5 clearly divided groups. Each group receives an exciting and relevant topic every year. Every entry competes at the school level. The winners of school level then move to a regional level and finallycompete at a national level. Since schools are very important in making this contest possible, the schools with best performance at the regional and national level are honoured with trophies.

AICCC has now transformed into Camel Art contest to extend the scope of participation from countries other than India! It also aims to become more inclusive by reaching out to the schools in far flung places, non-formal art education institutions like art classes or Sunday art schools, students from class 11th and 12th, who were untouched till now and even those students whose schools are not participating the contest.

Now Camel Art Contest is poised to take a quantum leap by touching 1 Crore (10 million) participants in the 2014 edition of the contest. In order to make it bigger & better, many changes have been made in the format too. The judging would be made on the Primary and Zonal levels followed by a grand Finale level, where the Indian students would compete with those from outside the country.

The schools with highest participation and scoring best results at the Zonal and Grand Finale level would be honoured with trophies. A new award called 'Grand Prize' has been added at the Grand Finale Level. The items sourced under this endowment will bear the names of the winners, ensuring them a credit for posterity.

So, come be part of the World's largest Art Competition.

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