Join us in a walk through the 40 year history of Camel Art Contest
(Formerly known as All India Camel Colour Contest).

A poster of the Camel Colour Contest from 1982!

In 1983, the Camel Art Contest was covered in the newspaper article too! Here is the newspapescutting from back then.

Here is a poster from the Camel Art Contest of 1985 announcing prizes of worth INR 1,50,000!

Can you guess who the chief guest of the Award ceremony for the Camel Art Contest was in 1985? It was none other than the Late Sunil Dutt.

The Award winning entries were showcased in an exhibition in 1985. Here is a glimpse of the invitation!

In 1997, the Camel Art Contest had prizes worth over 16lakhs! Here is a glimpse of its colourful poster!

In 1998, we received a record breaking 25 lakh entries for the Camel Art Contest!

Not so long ago, here is a poster of the Camel Art Contest from 2001.

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